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Support classes

Miranda Public School Support Unit

Miranda Public School Support Unit have 3 support classes; 2 classes for students with Moderate Intellectual Disabilities (IO) and an Autism Transition Class (AU) (which is a 2 year program). 

At Miranda Public School, we pride ourselves in being a family orientated environment. We strive to work closely with students and their families in order to provide the best educational experiences for the students we teach. 

Each student has a Personalised Learning and Support Plan (PLSP) written in consultation with parents. Teachers and parents work collaboratively to write a number of personal goals for each student, which are tailored to meet their individual needs. A formal review meeting takes place each year, where the progress of each student is discussed with teaching staff and parents. Parents also receive a half yearly and yearly report that highlights the achievements of their child. 

Facilities at Miranda Public School include: a Sensory Outdoor Learning Area (S.O.L.A.), a sensory room and outdoor playground equipment. Enrolments for the support unit are based on consultation with the Department of Education and Communities. Applications for placement in a support unit are done through the Access Request process. 

More information about support classes or the Access Request process can be found on the Department of Education website or via this link: https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/disability-learning-and-support/programs-andservices/specialist-support-classes-in-regular-schools